Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beginnings: The Interfaith Sanctuary at Occupy Los Angeles.

Rabbi Jonathan Klein and Muslim Leader Shakeel Syed

Various faith leaders and groups have found their way to Occupy L.A., in various ways. Some groups have come with sandwiches. Some have come to join in actions, such as the march on the banks. Some have come simply to be available for discussion and support. Today, November 9, 2011, a small group of leaders representing various faith communities met to think about how we might sustain a coordinated presence at the Occupy L.A. site at City Hall. Watch this site for posts from the faith community, as well as our calendar of events. And, please join us at the various events we'll be holding at on site. (Currently our space is located on the west side of City Hall, just south of the steps.)

Like the rest of the Occupy Movement, we are simply a group of concerned people-- our participation is not on behalf of any one group. Collectively, we are people of faith coming together to affirm our commitment to economic justice, human dignity, respect for creation, and the hope we share that change is possible if we work together.

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